Al-Musannif: Journal of Islamic Education and Teacher Training (Jurnal Pendidikan Islam dan Keguruan) discusses issues on Islamic education and learning to communicate intellectual works from lecturers, researchers, students, educators, and other concerned parties. Articles should be original research and/or library analysis which expected to provide references for readers in developing academic and scientific insights.

The editorial board accepts and appreciates manuscripts with the theme below: 

A. Islamic Education:
1. Deradicalization of Islamic Education,
2. Philosophy of Islamic Education,
3. Islamic Education Policy,
4. Gender and Islamic Education,
5. Comparison of Islamic Education,
6. Islamic Education and Science,
7. Nusantara Islamic Education,
8. Pesantren Education,
9. Madrasah Education,
10. Islamic Education and Social Transformation,
11. Leadership of Islamic Education,
12. Figure of Islamic Education,
13. Islamic Education Management,
14. Curriculum of Islamic Education,
15. Innovation of Islamic Education, and
16. Early Childhood Education in Islam.

B. Learning Research
1. Evaluation Instruments,
2. Instructional Media Development,
3. Learning Design,
4. Learning Model Development, and
5. Learning Method Development.